A family visit to my dad’s grave

My uncle's brother died this week. His name to me was always "Uncle Neal" even though we were not related by blood. I received a text this am asking me where my dad was buried and realized that today must be Uncle Neal's funeral. It seems he is being buried in the same Jewish cemetery [...]

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BOOK REVIEW “Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive” by Allison Gilbert

Five years ago, I was on a serious hunt to find people who had also lost both of their parents. I started my blog, and soon after, learned about Allison Gilbert. I bought her book Parentless Parents and Always Too Soon on the same day and when I did, I immediately knew I wasn't alone [...]

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Podcast Episode #042: How to Make Friends as an Adult

We'll talk about how to make friends as an adult, including where you can find like-minded people, social skills you can practice and bring to the table, and how to get over the awkward humps while friendship building.

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Podcast Episode #036: Starting the wedding process without parents

Today I'll be talking about the start of our wedding planning process and how it's been effected by not having parents. I'll also be talking about same-sex marriage and how this adds an additional hurdle.

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Podcast Episode #032: “Dear Motherless Daughter, My Wish for you on Mother’s Day”

Continuing the Mother’s Day Prep I'll be reading a blog post that's written like from your mom: "Dear Motherless Daughter, My Wish for you on Mother’s Day".

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