Podcast Episode #042: How to Make Friends as an Adult

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We'll talk about how to make friends as an adult, including where you can find like-minded people, social skills you can practice and bring to the table, and how to get over the awkward humps while friendship building.

Podcast Episode #039: Father’s Day & Mom’s Death Anniversary

By |June 24th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|

About this episode: We'll discuss how Father's Day weekend went (for me and for you), discuss death anniversaries, how sometimes there's a bunch of triggering dates to deal with one after the next, and what you can do differently next year to prepare for the next Father's Day.

Podcast Episode #038: Working at home & the toll grief takes on income

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This one goes out to all the entrepreneurs and the folks who work from home! Since I have been working for myself since 2006, the death of my mom in 2009 effected me deeply and therefor effected my work and income at the time. I will tell my work back story and how to deal with grief while working for yourself (and make sure your income flow is moving in a positive direction!).

Podcast Episode #036: Starting the wedding process without parents

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Today I'll be talking about the start of our wedding planning process and how it's been effected by not having parents. I'll also be talking about same-sex marriage and how this adds an additional hurdle.

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